(to play)
 I play
 Present simple                  
 ▪ Regular activities - routine - habits
▪ Anne and Sophie play tennis on Saturday afternoons.
 I am playing
 Present continuous     
 ▪ Continuous action now or at the present time.
▪ Anne and Sophie are playing at the moment.
 I have played
 Present Perfect Simple
 ▪ Finished part of a continuous action
 ▪ Completed actions in an unfinished period of time
 ▪ Recent events (no time mentioned)
 ▪ Past action with a result in the present.
 ▪ Experiences (no time mentioned)
▪ So far they have playedtwo sets.
▪ They
 have played several other matches this month.
▪ Their parents
 have justarrived. 
▪ Sophie
 has broken her racket so she's got to change it.
▪ They
 have played in many tournaments.
 I have been playing
 Present Perfect Continuous 
 ▪ Actions begun in the past which continue today.
▪ They have been playingtennis since 2 pm.
 I played
 Past Simple                          
 ▪ Finished actions at a specific time in the past.
▪ Last Saturday Sophieplayed in another tournament.
 I was playing
 Past Continuous                   
 ▪ Continuous actions at a specific time in the past.
▪ At 2.30 pm they were starting the second set.
 I had played
 Past Perfect Simple             
 ▪ Actions before a specific time in the past.
▪ Before they arrived,  two other people had played a match.
 I had been playing
 Past Perfect Continuous      
 ▪ Past continuous actions
▪ When their parents arrived, they were alreadyplaying.
 I will play
 Future simple                        
 ▪ Predictions 
 ▪ Spontaneous decisions or offers
▪ Sophie will win the match today.
 I'll lend you my tennis racket!
 I will be playing
 Future continuous             
 ▪ Future continuous actions
▪ Next Saturday they will be playing in another town.
 I will have played
 Future perfect                   
 ▪ Completed future action.
▪ By September, they will have played 12 matches.
 I will have been playing
 Future perfect continuous
 ▪ Continuous future action completed at a given time.
▪ At 4 pm Anne and Sophiewill have been playing for 2 hours.
 I would play
 Conditional Simple              
 ▪ Probable action in an imaginary situation
▪ I would play tennis if I had a racket.
 I would be playing
 Conditional Continuous
 ▪ Continuous action in an imaginary situation.
▪ Anne would be playingtennis if you came on a Saturday afternoon.
 I would have played
 Conditional  Perfect
 ▪ Speculating about hypothetical situations in the past.
▪ I would have playedyesterday if you had asked me.
 I would have been playing
 Cond. Perfect Continuous
 ▪ Continuous hypothetical situations.
▪ I would have been playing with Anne if I had won my last match.

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  1. Thank you so much for this chart and explanations. They will help our teachers and pupils in English Grammar lessons.

    Elizabeth C. Ogwezzy
    The Bethel Academy, Ugbolu, Delta State, Nigeria


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