Pahela Baishakh Paragraph The First Day Of Bengali New Year

Pahela Baishakh Paragraph

The First Day Of Bengali New Year

Pahela Baishakh

Pahela Baishakh Paragraph: The first day of Bangla New Year is Pahela Baishakh. It is one of the most popular public celebrations in the life of Bangladeshis. -this day bears a special significance to us. Every year this day of cultural and traditional heritage is celebrated all over the country with enthusiasm and funfair. It is a unique and distinctive festival to the people of all classes and communities in Bangladesh. The day is a public holiday. The day has appealed to both the rural and urban areas. On this day the shopkeepers open their new accounts book and celebrate it through arranging Halkhata festival. They invite their customers and clients and offer sweets and other food. t-17:- customers pay all dues they left out throughout the day. The village people also arrange Baishakhi Mela in different places. These Melas become their meeting places. The village people of all classes enjoy them \:. erg much. In the capital city, the day opens with the celebration of Chhayanzit, a leading cultural organization. Besides. Bangla Academy, National Museum, National Press Club, etc. arrange meetings and seminars, The tine Arts Institution of Dhaka University brings out a colorful procession wearing various masks. They welcome the day in a very gorgeous way.. Various mass media give coverage to the significance of the day. Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar put out special programs. Thus the day is a national day and comes to the life of every Bangladeshi with pleasure and happiness.

—- Kazal Brothers Limited, Class 11-12


The first day of Bangla year is called Pahela Baishakh. This much expected day cc.):–,es in the midst of us once a year According to the tradition, we the Bangladeshis, have been celebrating this particular day for centuries. Moreover, we celebrate the day to formally receive the Bangla veal-. The daft is celebrated all over the country. But the main function of the day is held at Ramna Batamul Dinai.a. On this day, rural people prepare special meals. They also arrange fairs at important places. it .1.s a special-th day for shopkeepers. On this day, shopkeepers decorate their shops and open Halkhata’ and offer sweets to their customers and clients. Urban people are also not lagging behind in this ce1ebration. They celebrate the day with much delight and interest. They eat panta bhat and hilsha fish in the morning. They wear special clothes. Young boys. wear panjabis and pajamas, while..young girls put on yellow sarees. Sometimes, petple especially, the students of the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University brins out colourful procession on Pahela Baishakn. Different organizations such as Bangla Academy, Shilpakala Academy, Chhayanat, and so on Organise cultural functions on their respective premises. r Actually Pahela Baishakh is a day of great importance. It reminds us of our Bangali culture and t. adition; On this day many of us sing “Asho Ha Baishakh Asho Asho”, it is a significant day to be celebrated,

— Advanced learning English grammar and composition, Class: 9-10 

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Pahela Baishakh Paragraph The First Day Of Bengali New Year

Pahela Baishakh Paragraph The First Day Of Bengali New Year

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