Sunday, 26 October 2014

Active and passive voice Rule with modals,

Active and passive voice Rule with modals
Auxiliary Verb in Passive Voice
Active Voice
Passive Voice
Can/ Could
Can/Could+ be+ 3rdverb
can solve these sums.
These sums can be solved by me.
cannot solve these sums.
These sums cannot be solved by me.
Can I solve these sums?
Can these sums be solved by me?
Has to/ Have to
Has to/ Have to+3rdverb
He has to complete his assignment.
His assignment has to be completed by him?
Must+3rd verb
You must learn this book.
This book must be learnt by you.
may+be+3rd verb
may buy the book.
The book may be bought by me.
might+ be+ 3rd Verb
They might play chess.
Chess might be played by them.
should+ be+3rd verb
Students should learn all lessons.
All lessons should be learnt by students.

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