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Narration Test,

Narration Test
a)"Don't mix with bad boys," my father said to me. "You 
should read attentively as your examination is knocking at 
the door," he said. "No, I don't keep any bad company. I 
have just asked him if he knows the date of the 
examination," I replied.

My father forbade me to mix with bad boys and also added that I should read attentively as my examination was knocking at the door. I replied in the negative and said that I didn't keep any bad company and also added that I had just asked him if he knew the date of the examination.

b) “Zaman, can you tell me what I am teaching?” the teacher 
asked.” I am sorry. I can’t follow;” replied Zaman. You 
can’t because you are not attentive.” the teacher said.

The teacher asked Zaman if he could tell him what he was teaching. Zaman expressed his regret and added that he couldn’t follow. The teacher told him that he couldn’t because he was not attentive.

“What’s a puppet show ? Sabu asked his father. Father 
said, “Let’s go inside and you can see for ourselves”. Inside 
the tent Sabu said. “How strange! A doll is dancing and 
talking,” Father said. “ A man behind the screen is moving 
the doll. Do you understand who is talking?”
Sabu asked his father what a puppet show was. Father proposed that they should go inside so that he (Sabu) could see for himself. Inside the tent Sabu exclaimed with wonder that it was very strange that a doll was dancing and talking. Father told him that a man behind the screen was moving the doll. He also asked if he understood who was talkin g.

d) My father looked at me with anger and said to me, 
“Where have you been so long and why are you wasting 
your time ?” After a moment he said, “Will you not 
appear in the final examination?” I said, “I went to my 
friends’ house to borrow an essential book. But he was  not at home. So I had to wait for him.”
My father looked at me with anger and asked me where I had been so long and why I was wasting my time. After a moment he asked again if I would not appear in the final examination. I told him that I had gone to my friends' house to borrow an essential book. I also added that he (my friend) had not been at home and I had to wait for him for this reason.

e) “Why are you putting up the food in your pocket, sir? 
Why don’t you eat?” said the nobleman. “I am doing the 
right thing. My dress deserves these rich dishes,” replied 
Sheikh Saadi. “I don’t understand what you mean to say”, 
said the noble man. “And I am sorry.”
The nobleman asked Sheikh Saadi why he (S) was putting up the food in his pocket and why he didn't eat. In reply, Sheikh Saadi told him that he was doing the right thing and added that his dress deserved those rich dishes. Then the nobleman said that he didn't understand what he (S) had meant to say and added that he was sorry.

f) Teacher  :  What’s your name ? 
Student  :  Max, Sir. 
Teacher  :  Can you read and write ? 
Student  :  Sure, Sir.

Teacher asks the student what his name is. Addressing the teacher as sir, the student replies that his name is Max. Teacher further asks the students if he can read and write. The students confidently answers that he is sure about it.
g) .The general, addressing his mutinous troops said, “You have brought disgrace 

upon a famous regiment. If you had grievances, why did you not lay them before your 

own officers? Now you must first suffer punishment for your offence, before your complaints can be heard.”
The general told his mutinous troops that they had brought disgrace upon a famous regiment. If they had grievances, why had they not laid them before their own officers? Now they must suffer punishment for their offence before their complaints could be heard.

h) .“Curse it!” exclaimed the driver. “Who could have foreseen such ill-luck? But for accident we should have caught the train easily.” 

The driver exclaimed with an oath that nobody could have foreseen such ill- luck. But for the accident they would have caught the train easily.
i) 5. "Have you ever been to Cox's Bazar?" asked Mobarak. "No, I have never gone there," replied Linkon. "But I long for visiting the place." "I had an opportunity to visit the sea beach last year," said Mobarak. "How charming the scenery is!"

Mobarak asked Linkon if he (L) had ever been to Cox's Bazar. Linkon replied in the negative and said that he (L) had never gone there. But he (L) added that he longed for visiting the place. Then Mobarak said that he had had an opportunity to visit the sea-beach the previous year. Mobarak also exclaimed with surprise that the scenery was very charming.

j)  "Will you buy my hair?" asked Della. "I buy hair," said Madam. "Take your hat off and let us have a sight at the looks of it" "Twenty dollars," said Madam. "Give it to me quick," said Della.

Della asked Madam if she would buy her hair. Madam replied that she bought hair. Then Madam told her to take her hat off and suggested that they should have a sight at the looks of it. Madam proposed/ whished to give twenty dollars. Della requested her (Madam) to give it to her quickly.

k) . "Jim darling," cried Della. "Don't look at me this way. I had my hair cut off and sold it because I could not have lived through Christmas without giving you a present. I just had to do it, say Merry Christmas, Jim and let's be happy."


Addressing Jim as darling Della cried and forbade him to look at her that way. Then she said that she had her hair cut off and sold that because she could not have lived through Christmas without giving him a present. She also said that she just had to do that and told Jim to say Merry Christmas and proposed that they should be happy.

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Narration Test,

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