Reading Newspaper Paragraph for All Class

(a) Do you read the newspaper? (b) What kind of newspaper do you read? (c) Why do you think it is necessary Co read the newspaper? (d) Does reading newspaper enrich your knowledge? (e) What are the benefits of reacting to the newspaper?

Reading Newspaper

Reading Newspaper Reading newspapers is an important habit in our daily life. In the morning we eagerly wait to read newspapers which contain various news of the present days. By reading newspapers we come to know a lot of essential things about our country and other countries of the world. People read them for both pleasure and information. A politician can learn about political situations both at home and abroad. An economist and a businessman can be aware of the economy and business by daily going through the newspapers. People interested in sports and games can learn about sports-world. Students can also learn many things from the pages of newspapers that fulfill their thirst for knowledge. Merchants can know about the condition of the market. The film fans go through the cinema page to get the thrill of the showbiz world. From the advertisement columns, the employment seekers and traders get useful hints and details. In fact, by reading newspapers we can be up-to-date and we need it in order to face the competitive changing world. Because the newspaper is the storehouse of knowledge. Thus reading newspapers is of great importance for us all. Of course, sometimes a newspaper contains much that is useless or even harmful. It rouses popular passions against a country or a group of people or a community by giving exaggerated versions of the minor incidents. So we should always be alert while reading newspapers; otherwise, we shall not be able to see things in their proper angles. Indeed reading newspapers has become an almost indispensable (z191W4) part of our modern life. It enriches our knowledge. It has a great impact on our personal and public mind.

—- Kazal Brothers Limited, Class 11-12


Reading Newspaper Paragraph

I read newspapers daily. I usually read knowledge about t newspapers that keeps me in touch with the world. I think everyone should read newspapers and weekly magazines and journals. Reading the CU/Tent World. One can know what is oi I newspapers to enhance Orle’s knowledge. It. contains articles oil polities, economies, bus’ iness, games and sports, culture, literature, etc. A g 1.4D on around the world. It is the storehouse of the world economy and business respectively. SPtudecnsis politician can learn the news of the world olit_i ‘ an economist and proper in the form to me about their queries from discussing aiorensaosroi benefited businessmen can learn the news of the reading newspapers. They can get knowledge by reading newspapers. Finally, it broadens Ouracmai edrnic papers. They can enrich their general newspapers is of great importance to us.

—- Concord Book House, Class 9-10

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