Write an e-mail to your friend thanking him for a nice birthday gift

Suppose you are Shagoto. Your best friend is Arian, who sent you a birthday present since he could not attend the party. Now write him an email thanking him for a nice birthday present.
From : Shagoto<shagoto_2015drmc@yahoo.com> 
To : Arian<arianh13drmc@yahoo.com> 
Sent : Wednesday, September 30, 2015; 5:22 pm.
Subject : Thanking for a nice birthday present
My dear Arian, 
My 14th birthday passed off smoothly and happily yesterday. Since you are my best friend, I missed you very much. I received your nice present that you had sent me just before the programme. I can easily feel how much you love me. Friend, of all presents that I was presented, yours was the loveliest. I have long been waiting to purchase “Things Fall Apart”, the most acclaimed novel by Chinua Achebe. How could you guess my thought? I heartily thank you for your superb present and I shall always keep it as a memento of your profound love for me.
Yours loving friend,

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