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What are the types of Articles? What Are Articles?

What is the types of Articles?What Are Articles? (with Examples)

There are two types of articles:

·         The Definite Article (the)
·         The Indefinite Article (a and an).
The articles are classified as adjectives.

The is called the 
definite article because it is used to indicate something specific.

A and An are called the 
indefinite articles because they are used to indicate something unspecific.

Examples of the Definite and Indefinite Articles

Here are some examples of the articles in use:

·         I fell over the chair again.
(The chair is specific. It is known to the audience.)
·         Can you pass me a chair?
(This means an unspecific chair, i.e., any chair.)
·         I loved the apple pie after the meal.
(In this example, the audience knows which apple pie is being praised, e.g., the one at last night's dinner.)
·         I love an apple pie after dinner.
(The audience understands that the speaker likes to eat an apple pie after dinner (any apple pie will do).) 
·         I'm not a troublemaker. I'm the troublemaker!

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