Sunday, 8 November 2015

Write an e-mail to Your younger brother telling him about the importance of reading newspaper

Imagine, you are Nusrat Mehzabin. Your younger brother Ahsan is a student of class eight at Jhenaidah Ideal School. Now write an email to your younger brother telling him about the importance of reading newspaper.
From : Nustrat Mehzabin<>
To : Ahsan<>
Sent : Thursday, 1 October; 2015; 4:25 p.m.
Subject : Importance of reading newspaper
Dear Ahsan,
Take my affection at the very outset of the email. Hope you are fine. You know that reading newspaper is one of the best habits of the human life. It is the newspaper, which can easily provide us the news and views of the world at the very early of the day. Through newspaper we come to know about politics, economics, culture, literature games and sports of the whole world. It bears the sign of good taste and wisdom. It plays a vital role in mobilizing public opinion on various national issues. By reading newspaper, we can keep pace with time and enrich the arena of knowledge. What is more important is that reading newspaper we can enhance our knowledge on language and improve our power of thinking.
Your sister,


  1. But it has no ending like hows mama and chachi .......only written about the importance of reading newspaper

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