Sunday, 8 November 2015

Write an E-mail to your father Asking to send money for buy books

Suppose you are Maruf, a residential student of class eight of Dhaka Residential Model College. You need money to buy books. Now write an E-mail to your father who lives in Jamalpur asking money for buying books.

From : Maruf<>
To : Shahid<>
Sent : Saturday, October 3, 2015; 4:32 pm.
Subject : Asking to send money for buy books

My dear father,
Take my salam at the outset of the E-mail. Since I am going to sit for the JSC Examination this year I need to purchase some extra books along with an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and keep some money in my hand against contingencies. You know that to enrich the vocabulary a dictionary is a must. That is why my teacher has suggested me to purchase a dictionary immediately. I am sending a copy of my book list attached with this mail. I have calculated that, in total, I need Tk. 2000.00 (two thousand only) to meet these expenses up to October 20, 2015. So, please send me the money as early as possible.
Your loving son,

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